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Teepee Nights welcomes you to our unique sleeping adventures for boys and girls that are hassle free in the comfort of your own home.
What could be more fun than hanging out with your friends, in one of our beautiful handmade sleeping Teepees?
To chat and play games by torch light and to eat a midnight feast without boring grown ups!!
The adventure awaits.................


We all know the importance of family, but at some point, your child will start building a life outside the walls of your house. Spending the night at trusted friends’ homes is one way to establish another community of people who love and support your child. 

Time for giggles, ghost stories, movies, junk food and games.  Slumber parties are a timeless tradition for your children

and their friends to laugh, share, and bond.

At Teepee Nights we will come and set up your chosen Teepees, beautifully decorated with bedding, buntings, cushions, fairy lights, lanterns and rugs and more. 
All you need is a pillow and a sense of adventure.
Then when you’ve finished we will come and take it all away, leaving you only happy memories!

What are you waiting for....... Lets create a cosy camp for your next party!