BASE CAMP - $350
Package Inclusions :
5 Teepees of your choice from our range of fabrics
5 quality foam mattresses 
5 fitted sheets and 5 quilts with covers
Fairy lights






Name Tags

Bring your own Pillow​

Tray Tables available at request (allow extra room)


​Package Inclusions -

​10 Teepees of your choice from our range of fabrics
10 quality foam mattresses 
10 fitted sheets and 10 quilts with covers
Fairy lights

Name tags

Bring your own Pillow
Tray Tables available at request (allow extra room)


Package Inclusions

3 Double Teepees (sleep 6) - Cream in colour

6 quality foam mattresses 

6 fitted sheets and 6 quilts with covers

Fairy lights






Name Tags

​Bring your own Pillow

Tray Tables available at request (allow extra room)

Extra Teepees                       $50 per teepee 
Double Teepees (sleep 2)     $75 per teepee (cream colour)


Deconstructed Teepees are available for those not wanting the frames as part of their setup

Isolation weekend camps for siblings available (contactless and DIY) - Covid Safe

DIY packages are also available at discounted rates

Contact us to discuss your party options

Teepee Frames   1.2m x 85cm
Large Teepee      1.8m x 1.8m
Mattress              1.6m x 70cm

Blow up mattresses available for extra tall guests (185cm)


We will deliver, assemble and style your chosen Teepees, beautifully decorated with bedding, bunting, cushions, fairy lights, rugs and more before your guests arrive on the day of your sleepover.
Then when you’ve finished, we will come back the next day to pack it all up, leaving you with only happy memories!

All you need is a pillow and a sense of adventure.

**Delivery fee applies for areas outside 10km Radius of Terrey Hills - (Extends to Northern Beaches, North Shore, Eastern Suburbs, Inner West and Hills Districts only)

Please contact us via email for exact delivery cost for your suburb

10KM - FOC

15KM - $40

20KM - $60

25KM - $80

Outside 25KM further fees apply

$100 non refundable deposit required to secure booking.

​Minimum Booking fee of $350 applies to all bookings.

Public Holiday Surcharges apply.


Where in Sydney do we deliver?
We love to give each party the complete hassle free experience and personal styling touches they are well known for, so our delivery radius is limited to The Northern Beaches, North Shore, Eastern Suburbs, Inner Western suburbs and The Hills district. 

How long will a set-up take?

A party of 5 generally takes 45mins - 1hr, larger parties can be up to 1.5hrs depending on ease of access, moving furniture and layout.

How much space is needed?

Our mattress size is 160cm long and 70cm wide, the frames sit snuggly around the width. The best configuration for small spaces is to have them face each other and as a guide a room approx 3.5m wide and 4m long would work for 5-8 Teepees.

No space has beaten us yet and we love to get creative and for your guests to be close and cosy.

How do I chose my Teepee colours?

​All Teepee fabrics are one of a kind and have their own unique prints - no two Teepees will be the same so all Teepees will need their own fabric choice. You can select from our range of 130 prints, but get your combinations in early as you could miss out on your favourites if we have multiple bookings on the same night.

​We have something to suit any age or gender and are happy to put suggestions together for your party, the options are endless!

Are the lights and lanterns safe?

​Yes, all fairy lights and lanterns are battery operated and are completely safe and heat proof for children to operate. Spare batteries are provided so no party gets left in the dark!

What age do you recommend for sleepovers?

​We cater for any age, from experience the general slumber party range is from 7-13yrs, we can assist with longer mattresses (blowup) if you have extra tall guests, and all mattresses come with protectors.

How is the bedding cleaned?

​All bedding including blankets and rugs are washed after each use, accessories are disinfected and wiped and spot cleaning on Teepee fabric is also done when required. 

What is your cancellation policy?

No cancellations granted within 7 days of your booking, changes to dates and Teepee numbers are permitted outside of this time subject to availability.

​How far in advance should I book my party?

Due to the high volume of party bookings over Friday and Saturday nights we recommend booking at least 2 months in advance to secure your date, avoid disappointment and get first pick on your fabric selections.

​​All teepees and accessories are hire items only. All images are a guide and details may vary according to party needs and availability.