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Party Packs add that extra touch for your sleepover. They will look great on display when your guests arrive, give you something fun to do throughout the evening and its a nice party favour for your friends to take home and remember their special experience with you.

BEAUTY PACKS - $10 per person

Contains: Sleep Mask, Lip Balm, Nail polish and Face

Mask presented in organza bags.

GLOW PACKS - $10 per person

Contains: Glow in the dark Balloon, Assorted

Glow sticks and accessories, Torch, Luminescent Scratch

Paper presented in individual boxes.

PILLOW ART - $10 per person

Contains: Pillowcase and Fabric pens presented in

individual organza bags.

DREAMCATCHERS - $8 per person

Contains: Beautiful white dreamcatcher

approx 12cm diameter and 50cm long presented

in organza bags

TORCHES - $6 per person

Contains: 1 Torch with organza bag.

LOLLY JARS - $7 per person

Contains: Individual jars of assorted lollies.